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Coiling and Packing Machine

The coiling and packing machine is intended to be used in conjunction with all sorts of cable and wire making machines. The high speed equipment can coil the processed wires into spools that are then quickly wrapped and packaged for shipping.

1. Linked to wire production lines or from the pay-off machines of this equipment.
2. Easy to operate using the packing machine’s touch screen user interface.
3. Servo motor traversing system produces coils with a smooth surface.
4. The machine will automatically detect faults and sound an alarm.
5. You may input and save 99 types of coil data in the PLC memory bank.

Main Technical Parameters
Model Height (mm) OD (mm) ID (mm) Cable Dia. (mm) Rotate Speed (RPM)
F-0836 40-80 180-360 120-200 120-200 1000
F-1246 50-120 200-460 140-220 140-220 800
F-1860 60-180 220-600 180-250 180-250 700
F-2480 80-240 300-800 250-320 250-320 700

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