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Copper Wire Annealing Machine

The copper wire annealing machine is used to slowly cool metal wire as it is processed in order to remove internal stresses and strengthen the finished product. Annealing copper wires creates stronger and longer lasting conducting wires.

Main Features
Temperature is evenly distributed in the annealer for a consistent finished product. The dual tinning tank design allows for the equipment to produce two kinds of tin-coated copper wire simultaneously.

Technical Parameters
Machine type FE-40H/4.5 FE-40H/6 FE-40H/7.5
No. of wire 40 40 40
Length of Annealing tank (m) 4.5m 6m 7m
Wire dia (mm) 0.08~0.32 0.1~0.65 0.1~0.7
Pressure regulator (kw) 0.75
Pay-off stand Brush or overhead
Tinning type Hot coating
Max speed (m/min) 300m/min
Pay-off bobbin size (mm) φ300mm
Take-up bobbin size 5"~8" 5"~10" 5"~10"
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