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Planetary Stranding Machine

The planetary stranding machine is a cable and wire making machine used to strand steel, aluminum and copper wires into various cables and other products. This equipment is also used for cable forming of rubber sheathed cables, multi-strand cables and all sorts of communications cables, OPGW cables, etc.
Main Capability Features
1. The strander is capable of high speed operation with steady operating ability thanks to the structural rigidity.
2. All-gear back twisting is used to prevent damaging the wire and increase the reliability of the equipment.
3. The braking mode: pneumatic brake

Main Components
Single reel stand
Reel stand with round bow
Stranding cage (with filler device)
Double row die holder
High speed nonmental tapping device
Meter counter
Metal tapping device
Shaft-less take-up

Main Parameters
Bobbin size (mm) Max. rotation speed(rpm) Wire dia. (mm)
Solid conductor Finished conductor Al-clad Steel wire Optical fiber cell
6B 8B 12B 16B 18B 24B Aluminum Copper
400 126 112 98 86 1.8~5.0 1.2~5.0 1.2~5.0
500 105 93 82 71 1.8~5.0 1.2~5.0 1.2~5.0
630 85 80 74 70 65 57 1.8~5.0 1.2~5.0 1.2~5.0 1.2~4.5 1.5~5.0

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