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Overhead Take-off (OTO) Wire Drawing Machine

The overhead take-off wire drawing machine is an adaptable piece of equipment for drawing various metal wires. The wire drawing machinery is suited for the drawing of steel wire, welding wire, zinc coated steel wire and alloy wires. It can be equipped with a 630-800 spool take-up or trunk type take-up machine.
Note: drawing passes and drum diameter can be designed according to requirements of the buyer.

Pay-off → Shell cleaning (pre-processing)→ Wire rod pointing → (Butt welding) → Drawing wire → Take-up (spool or trunk take-up).


Main Characteristics
1. The wire drawer is made up of a main reduction box, die casing, wheel frame, wire brace and electrical control system. The spinning drawing blocks are driven by JZT or Y series motor. The drawing blocks are fixed vertically within the sealed box body.
2. The safety halt gear is installed close to the operation block.

Main Parameters
Model Drum diameter Max. Inlet diameter Min. Outlet diameter Product line speed Single machine motor power Single machine weight
LW1-6/560 560mm 6.5-4.4mm 2.5-1.76mm 300m/min 18.5-22KW 2000KG
LW1-6/550 550mm 6.5mm 2.5mm 294m/min 15-22KW 1400KG
LW1-6/450 450mm 4mm 1.6mm 280m/min 7.5-15KW 1100KG
LW1-6/350 350mm 2.6-1.5mm 1.2-0.7mm 227m/min 5.5KW 700KG
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