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Copper Rod Cold Rolling Mill

Brief Introduction
The machine has two types: 2-roller copper rolling mill and 3-roller copper rolling mill, is used in continuous rolling of copper and copper alloy rod.It has high efficiency, energy saving, refining, and strengthen the copper rod crystal organization and etc.

2-roller copper rolling mill

Brief Introduction
The copper rod cold rolling mill uses two rollers to compress and elongate the raw copper into usable copper rods. Cold rolling is a highly efficient metal casting process that minimizes power consumption without sacrificing quality.

1. The main motor of the rolling mill and the take-up machine both adopt frequency conversion stepless speed regulation.
2. High production efficiency thanks to the engineering behind the oval and cylindrical rollers.

3-Roller Copper Rolling Mill

Brief Introduction
The 3-roller copper rolling mill is a continuous rolling machine with three rollers arranged in a Y pattern. With this configuration the rolled copper rods are processed without torsion.

1. Compact and efficient structure.
2. The density and conductivity of the finished rolling product is better compared to drawn rods.
3. No wear mold or grind head.
4. Continuous line rolling
5. If rolling and stretching are in the same compression ratio, the rolling unit requires less power to harden the copper before stretching.
6. Tiny cracks in the casting rods can be eliminate

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