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Aluminum Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling Line

Brief Introduction
The aluminum rod continuous casting and rolling line features a 4 wheel planetary gear drive to produce aluminum rods with diameters of 15, 12.5 and 9.5mm (9.5mm with 15 rolling stands, 12.5mm with 13 rolling stands, 15mm with 11 rolling stands).
The continuous caster is highly efficient and neatly coils the rod for storage and transportation through a centrifugal laying head and a trolley guiding device.

Brief Technological Process
Melting furnace (prepared by user) →holding furnace (prepared by user) → 4 wheel continuous casting machine→ Front haulage machine→ rolling shear→ material feeding device→continuous rolling machine→ twin-coiler machine→ Al rod

Pictures of Main Parts

  • Aliuminum Ingot

  • Melting and Holding Furnace

  • Continuous Casting

  • Take-up
  • Production Line
  • Finished Product
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