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Copper Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling Line

Brief Introduction
This copper rod continuous casting and rolling line is a unique piece of metal casting equipment that combines the advantages of relative international products of SCR of America, SMS of Germany, PROPERZI of Italy and the experiences of our company. The casting machine uses 100% scrap copper with advanced refining technology to cast and roll 8mm bright hypoxia copper rods.

Pictures of Main Parts

  • Scrap copper
  • Reverberatory furnace
  • Copper Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling Machine
  • Finished product

Brief Technological Process
1) When using cathode copper as raw material
Cathode copper → Vertical furnace → Holding furnace, Launder → Pouring groove → 5-wheel Casting Machine → Front haulage device → Rolling Shear → Straightening and Burring Machine → Feeding Device → Two roller continuous rolling machine → Reduction and Cooling Device → Coiling device → Hydraulic Package device.
2) When scrap copper is used
Scrap copper → Reverberating furnace → (Melting, oxidation and refining) → Pouring groove → 5-wheel casting machine → Front haulage → Rolling shear → Straightening machine (second cooling → Edge milling machine → Burring machine → Continuous rolling mill → Reduction and cooling device → Back haulage→ Coiler

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